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The renovation to bring the buildings back to their ancient beauty required a few years of work and using the ancient construction techniques, the old cocciopesto plasters were restored, the walls were painted with natural "lime" pigments, the cross vaults were emptied and strengthened of the old stable. All this to keep the authenticity of the structure intact down to the smallest details and to ensure that our guests could live a unique and unrepeatable experience in a space and atmosphere unchanged over time.

It is possible to stay in the main rooms, such as the kitchen, which could accommodate more than thirty people, or stay in the room created in the old stable or in the one overlooking the Loggia or in the one created in the Colombaia, an ancient dove breeding room located in the tower of Leopoldina.

Ancient furnishings narrate the simple and authentic life of those who lived in these rooms, just as the large fireplaces recall the ancient tradition of the vigil, when the large family gathered around the hearth after dinner and the older ones told their stories to the younger ones.

On the lime-painted walls, among paintings and old family photographs illustrating fragments of past life and traditions, windows open which reveal wonderful natural paintings to the eyes of our guests: now the noble profile of Cortona, now the outline of the medieval Castle of Montecchio, now the vast countryside, with fields of wheat and sunflowers.

An unrepeatable observatory of scenarios and flavors of the true Tuscan peasant tradition, which our guests can experience at sunset at the pool bar or at dinner in our restaurant tasting the products of our farm.

While waiting, therefore, to welcome you to the Terre dei Cavalieri and let you discover many other details that cannot be told in words, we express a wish: that by knocking on our door you can call the beauty by name and already feel at home.

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